Sakae Artist: Davide Frezza

I was born in the city of Naples, Italy, June 26, 1989 in a family of six children and since my childhood I have been involved with Gospel music. My dad was an Evangelical Pastor and also lead singer for one of the most influential Christian Gospel groups in Italy in the '80s /' 90s,. The group was called the “Sela Group”. In the late 90’s my dad passed the baton to my older brother during the release of one of the greatest album: "Selah Praise" . This album was the most beautiful recording of this group's history. At only 10 years old, the presence of music in my house and the group’s rehearsal that took place every Saturday fascinated me and stimulated my interest and passion for the drums. This instrument fascinated me to the point that led me to attend music lessons. I attended my first music lesson in a school near my church and professor Giovanni Petrellesi taught me for about six months . I was having 30 minutes lessons once a week but as time went by my interest grew stronger and stronger for this most fascinating and most intriguing instrument and those 30 minutes were not sufficient for me. So I enrolled myself at MV Academy and continued my musical studies with Professor Adriano Formati, to whom I owe much of my technical skills and also thanks to him I participated at my first national event: Yamaha Music Festival, Assago Forum in Milan, in the year 2004. That evening I knew that I would make the drums one of the cornerstones of my life. My strong determination and desire to pursue my career in music urged me to start working with the Sela Group. At the age of 14 I was the youngest member of that band. At the time I continued to pursue my musical studies and so continued taking music lessons with Professor Vincenzo De Luca. With this wonderful teacher I developed my identity in the musical field and till today I continue to pursue excellency on what passions me the most: the drums! In the year 2006 together with Sela Group, I had my first experience at a recording studio, recording a first track that was one of the band's best and last recordings. After my experience with Sela Group, whom got separated in 2009 , I collaborated with a Christian group named Araldi, with the Christian Regional Orchestra of Campania directed by maestro Gianni Cuciniello, and with Worship Project and GosPlayBand of whom still today I collaborate and belong . In 2012, after a Live of Pino Daniele I met professor Agostino Marangolo with whom I decided to take private lessons in Rome. After about a year I completed my studies with a Master Class in which participated also Professors Ellade Bandini and Roberto Gatto. I also took music lessons with Professor Marangolo , and then I studied for a year and a half as an autodidact, then in 2015 I resumed taking lessons with Professor Alfredo Golino whom has always been one of my sources of inspiration. In the same year,I had the privilege to collaborate with some artists of the Neapolitan music scene, such as Emiliana Cantone Live for the "Festa" and Tony Colombo (Dancing with the Stars, ed. 2014) for the Italian tour "What I would like." Since 2006, my discography includes over 25 recorded albums, of which some were recorded in very well known and established recording studios such as Zeus Record of Espedito Barrucci, MV Record of Daniele Palladino , Studio Emme Recording of Alessandro Sgambati - Wave Studio of Francesco Di Tullio for Hymn of Casoria Football) in collaboration with various arrangers, including Daniele Palladino and Gianni Cuciniello (arranger Gigi D'Alessio until 2000). Today my main objective , goal and desire is to stay committed and engaged in the area of Gospel music, which I believe will enrich my soul.