Double / Single Braced Hardware

Available Models

Boom Cymbal Stand
Straight Cymbal Stand
Hi-Hat Stand
Tom Stand
Snare Drum Stand
Drum Throne (saddle or round)

Key Features

Sakae Drums double braced hardware provides maximum durability and stability. Smooth, step-less tilters on the snare drum stand and all cymbal stands allow for infinite positioning possibilities. The boom cymbal stand is convertible so that it can also be used as a straight stand. Movable legs on the hi-hat stand can be set at any angle, leaving plenty of room for additional pedals.

Both single and double bass drum pedals are available. Drum thrones are available with your choice of a round or saddle seat.

Flatbase Hardware

Sakae flatbase hardware

Available Models

Straight Cymbal Stand
Hi-Hat Stand
Snare Drum Stand (may also be used for rack tom)
Tom Stand

Key Features

Sakae Drums flatbase hardware is perfect for the gigging drummer who is looking for lightweight sturdy hardware! Flatbase legs provide a clean and organized look. All stands collapse completely for efficient storage and are extremely lightweight for easy transport. Tilters on the snare drum stand and cymbal stand allow for wide positioning possibilities.

X-Calibur Pedals

Sakae X-Calibur Pedals

Available Models

Single Drum Pedal
Double Drum Pedal

Key Features

Sakae's X-Caliber Drum Pedals feature a solid base plate AND frame which enables the user to manipulate the beater at will and without wasting power.


Hardware Model Numbers

Double Braced

Description Model
Cymbal Stand (straight) SCS-200D
Cymbal Stand (boom) BCS-200D
Hi Hat Stand HS-200D
Snare Stand SS-200D
Double Tom Stand WTS-200D
Drum Throne (saddle) DT-200DS
Drum Throne (round) DT-200DR

Single Braced

Description Model
Cymbal Stand (straight) SCS-200S
Cymbal Stand (boom) BCS-200S
Hi Hat Stand HS-200S
Snare Stand SS-200S


Description Model
Cymbal Stand (straight) CS-20F
Hi Hat Stand HS-20F
Snare Stand SS-20F
Tom Stand TS-20F

Clamps and Holders

Description Model
Tom Clamp (Celestial/Almighty) WLC-100
Tom Holder (Celestial/Almighty) WTH-100
Tom Holder & Clamps THC-200
Tom Clamp Short (Trilogy) CL-10S
Adapter (Trilogy) AD-10

X-Calibur Pedal

Description Model
Single Drum Pedal XDP-200S
Double Drum Pedal XDP-200D