Sakae Artist: Filippo Venturi

Born the 23rd October 1991, he finds himself handling a classic guitar at 8 years old, a gift from his father. Although, just after two years he realises that this isn't it and stops playing. Shortly after, an 11 years old Phil (his international nickname) turns upside down some buckets and while trying to play them with screw drivers he finally realises that this was his true passion. Alessandro Ciamaroni helps him with his first steps into the world of drums and percussion. He then decides to carry on his own and two years go by when he starts to follow Max Baldaccini (Nelsi, Baccini, Valeria Rossi, Allunati) who plays different music genres and styles such as Pop, Rock, Funk, Latin, Swing and Blues. From 2010 to 2013 he attended the Accademia di Musica Moderna in Modena. The next step forward is when he meets and starts to follow Mauro Gherardi (Eros Ramazzotti, Mia Martini, Vasco Rossi, Eugenio Finardi, Lucio Dalla). Thanks to the unique style and tecniques of Mr. Gherardi he will widen his know-how but most importantly he will gain the self confidence to start building his own style and sound. He believes that he can still learn and improve taking inspiration everywhere, from the well know artists to the young pupils who is teaching the love for drums.

Since the very first years he is recognised as a confident and professional player, in fact when only 14 he already plays with artists who are way older than him. He takes part in an hard-rock project in the city of Modena, thanks to it he can start to play professionaly in differnt bands travelling the centre and north of Italy with them. In addition he is contacted to record in studio with various artist of the region.

2013 he plays with Vertigine along side Matteo Ganassi (Cesare Cremonini, Silvia Mezzanotte, Alberto Bertoli, Fabio Concato) and Gianbattista Giorgi (Alan Sorrenti, Anna Oxa, Povia, Alberto Bertoli, Umberto Tozzi). He plays now nationally and among other bands who is collaborating with there are: Nessuna Pretesa, ArticoloJ and many others. But not only, he collects dates abroad in Monte Carlo, Bratislava, Prague and Bruxelles and private events such as: live for Mylan, live for Vorwerk, live for VinoVitaj, live at Beijing for Ambasciata Italiana all'Estero/ Camera Commercio Italiana etc..

He was honoured to play and share the stage with: Nicola Messori (Gianluca Grignani), Cecilia Biondini (Orchestra di Sanremo 2011, Franco Battiato, Emma, Nannini), Paolo La Ganga (Anna Oxa, Sorrenti, Dirisio), Gianni Vancini (Tozzi, Mingardi, Leali, Ruggiero), Sandro Comini (Lucio Dalla, Vasco Rossi, Ron, Eros Ramazzotti, Celentano, Capossela), Valentino Negri (Spagna, Ruggiero, Paolo Belli), Annastella Camporeale (Nannini, Mingardi), Giorgio Santisi (Poggipollini), Tommaso Di Giorno (Tozzi), Thomas Romano (Povia), Miriam Masala (Amici di Maria De Filippi 2014), Pier Bernardi (Rats), Enrico Varisco (Dirisio) and many more...

He participated to concerts, seminars, clinics and workshops of: Gavin Harrison, Simon Phillips, Chris Coleman, Dave Weckl, Dannis Chambers, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Eric Moore, Jojo Mayer, Steve Smith, Mike Terrana, Will Kennedy, Benny Greb, Phil Mer, Giovanni Giorgi, Adriano Molinari.

Since 2014 you can find him privatly teaching in his studio in Maranello, Modena. He is proudly endorser for SAKAE Drums.

Filippo's Almighty Set-Up

Almighty Series

Select, 6 ply North American Maple shells. Heavier lugs help to focus vibration and sound transmission to the shell edge. Cradle Mounting System for tone isolation.

  • Silver Sparkle
  • 22 x 18 Bass drum
  • 10 x 7 Tom
  • 12 x 8 Tom
  • 16 x 15 Floor tom
  • 14 x 5.5 Snare

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