Sakae Artist: Luke Patterson

Luke Patterson is best known as the drummer and co-producer for electronic dance act Clean Bandit. Since having global success with the band's chart topping hits 'Rather Be' and 'Real Love', the band has been touring constantly throughout 2014 and 2015, taking their dance anthems and catchy hooks all over the globe.

Having used solely electronics for the majority of touring, I soon realized that for my sound to develop I had to involve acoustic drums, so choosing the right kit to complement my electronic sound was critical. I'd heard a lot about the trilogy series and it's authentic vintage sound so I immediately felt like the celestial kit would have a lot to offer. Thankfully it lived up to expectation and i was blown away by the sheer volume that these drums produce. The tone and sound is incomparable and marries perfectly with my electronics. Thanks again Sakae for welcoming me to the family!

Luke Patterson

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Luke's Set-Up

Celestial Series

Featuring North American Maple and exotic African Bubinga wood. The Celestial kit features Sakaeā€™s new Chamber Specific Technology (CST) -- a ground-breaking process where each drum size receives a specific treatment to produce the most desired sound for that size shell. With the CST process, Sakae has successfully "Pre-Eq'd" each drum so that each speaks with it's ultimate musical tone.

  • Natural Mappa Finish
  • 18 x 14 Bass drum
  • 10 x 7 Tom
  • 12 x 7 Tom
  • 14 x 12 Floor tom
  • 13 x 7 Bubinga snare drum
  • 10 x 5 Maple effect snare drum
  • 12 x 5 Maple effect snare drum

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Luke's Bio, Continued

Clean Bandit's debut album 'New Eyes', demonstrates the band's ability to combine acoustic and electronic textures to create tracks with a varying nature, from the melancholic electronica of 'Birch' to the dancehall-infused smash of 'Come Over'.

Since the band works as a group of instrumentalists with no lead singer, their songs feature an array of vocalists while referencing various pieces of classical music, usually accompanied by catchy synth-hooks and drum-machine like loops.

Having previously played drums in rock/indie bands as a teen, Luke's introduction to the band required him to broaden his style and learn beats that were simply not possible on a standard acoustic drum kit. He has since developed a keen understanding of various drum modules allowing him to replicate the electronic beats used in the band's production.

Now he is going back to his roots and has been developing a hybrid kit using Sakae's acoustic drums, hoping to create a versatile setup that can achieve the organic subtleties from an acoustic drum while supported by the sonic power of electronic sounds.

2016 will see the release of Clean Bandit's second album and the band are set to play some key festivals and are then touring towards the end of the year.