Sakae Artist: Marcel Bach

Marcel Bach (born on april 12, 1974) started to play the drums at the age of seven. Since 1988, he has been playing in a large number of bands of different styles, which is reflected in the many influences that characterizes his way of playing. An academic course at the Conservatory Enschede in the Netherlands gave him the opportunity to further develop his way of playing towards a high professional level. His expertise includes solo drumming, jazz-rock, indie-rock as well as progressive rock and metal.

Since 2004 Marcel works as a lecturer at the Westphalian Music School in Muenster-Germany. At drum festivals and music fairs he appeared in the same line up together with Carmine Appice, Carl Palmer, Alan White, Will Calhoun, Dom Famularo, Poogie Bell, The Drumbassadors and many more. His solo live performances, solo records and drum book releases received very positive reviews.

2008 Marcel was honored with the 26th German Rock- and Pop Award in the category “best drummer” followed by the 30th German Rock- and Pop Award in the category “best instrumental soloist” in the year 2012.

Marcel's Set-Up

Almighty Series

Select, 6 ply North American Maple shells. Heavier lugs help to focus vibration and sound transmission to the shell edge. Cradle Mounting System for tone isolation.

  • 22 x 18 Bass drum
  • 10 x 7 Tom
  • 12 x 8 Tom
  • 16 x 15 Floor tom
  • 14 x 5.5 snare
  • 10 x 5 snare

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  • Drumcoach (Book 2014) co-writer
  • Marcel Bach - Sonic Waves (CD 2014)
  • Marcel Bach - Schlagzeug Play-Alongs (Book 2012)
  • Marcel Bach - 30 years (CD 2011)
  • Electric Noise Project - Transmission (CD 2010)
  • Marcel Bach - Schlagzeug Training (Book 2010)
  • Marcel Bach - Solo (CD 2009)
  • Strand - wir sind dafür (CD 2009)
  • Marcel Bach - Progression (CD 2008)
  • Strand - wenn Samstag kommt (CD 2007)
  • Saw II Movie Soundtrack - drummer of Samsas Traum (CD 2006)
  • Marcel Bach - Soundsurfer (DVD 2006)
  • Marcel Bach - Information Overload (CD 2005)