Sakae Artist: Samuel Rusli

The love of music came in his early years, 4 years old. He learned how to play drum at the age of four and getting even seriously drawn into his drumming when he started to play at his local church in the age of 8. His love towards drum and his musical career has been showed and proved by his performances nowadays as a session player of Popular Indonesian Musicians and Singers such as Sammy Simorangkir, RAN, Citra Scholastika, Nowela IDOL, Virzha IDOL, Agus Hafiludin ( XFactor ), and his own band named #BASUDARA.

His career not only showed in his on air and off air shows. His drumming can be seen worldwide in his Youtube channel with hundreds of subscriptions and thousands of view.

I've used a lot of brands with different characteristics and different sounds on my gigs -- but I've never fallen in love so much as I have with my Sakae Drums. For me personally, these drums deliver not just beautiful looks and gorgeous hardware... the sound itself is something else. It suits my playing, my characteristics and of course it suits all the different types of music that I play. Being part of Sakae Drums Big Family is one of my dreams come true!

Samuel Rusli

Samuel's Set-Up

Almighty Series

Select, 6 ply North American Maple shells. Heavier lugs help to focus vibration and sound transmission to the shell edge. Cradle Mounting System for tone isolation.

  • Ocean Finish
  • 22 x 18 Bass drum
  • 10 x 7 Tom
  • 12 x 8 Tom
  • 16 x 14 Floor tom
  • 14 x 6.5 Brass Snare
  • 10 x 5 Maple Effect Snare

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