Sakae Drums made it possible for a compact drum kit to still maintain the same power and sound of those regular sized kits, yet it is very easy to carry and set up anywhere. The Pac-D 6 ply shells feature an inner and outer ply of Cherry with Asian Mahogany plies in the middle. The bass drum raiser is suitable for many different sizes of drums and it's height is adjustable. The huge drum sound generated by this small kit is suitable for any style of music.

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PD-4 Complete Kit

Including hardware and raiser.

Shell Sizes

Model Description
PDK1616 16 x 16 Kick
PDF1311 13 x 11 Floor Tom
PDT1007 10 x 7 Tom
PDS1255 12 x 5.5 Snare


Model Description
HH05 Hi-hat Stand
BS05 Boom Stand
SS05 Snare Stand
DP10 Single Pedal


Sonic Blue


Tobacco Fade


Forest Fade


Amber Fade